Teams @ North Point

ways to get involved in serving @ north point

With every ministry At North Point, we like to have a team to help lead that ministry. We believe discipleship, outreach, and following Jesus is not meant to be done by one person but rather by the body of Christ. If you are interested in serving @ North Point, here are some ways to get involved. 

Youth Ministry

If you have heart for youth or kids this is a great place to start serving at North Point. We have a Youth Team to help lead youth group and design events for the teens. Our Kids Point team works together to help design and create fun filled learning environment on Sundays for the little ones.

Media/Tech Team

Our life is full of media and technology now days, and so is our Sunday celebrations. Tasks that this team takes on is running sound, slides, and working with graphics. 

Praise Team

During our Sunday Celebrations, we believe praising our God is an important part. Part of our praising God is through songs. Our praise band is made up of members that love to help lead the church in worship to our God.

Host Team

A team that is dedicated to help Sunday Celebrations run smoothly. Some tasks that they take part of is prepping, greeting, & cleaning. Contact the office, if this is a way you would like to serve @ North Point. 


As part of our youth ministry, we have an awana program on Wednesday nights. This program exists to help youth of all ages have a great understanding and relationship with God. 

Missions Team

This team was created to help mission work that is going on locally but also internationally. This team does mission work for North Point but also helps support other missions around the globe. 

Outreach team

As followers of Christ we are meant to go and make disciples. So try and make sure that we have events where we can reach people in the Northern Hills and show them the light of Christ. This team helps find ways that North Point can bring the light of Christ to people of the Northern Hills.

Maintenance Team

North Point's building we call the Toolbox because we want it to be used through out the week and be a multi purpose building. With the use of our building comes maintenance that needs to be taken care of. This team takes care of maintenance issues that arise day to day.