Why We Serve

We serve God with our lives in response to His love for us (1 John 4:19). Everything we do is about sharing Christ with words and actions. That's why North Point serves so much! We want families and kids in the Northern Hills to know that God sees them and cares about their life situation.

Serving is also one way that we grow as followers of Jesus. Whether making coffee for Sundays, meeting with a friend in crisis, or planning a mission trip to Haiti, we believe that the results are up to God and we get to walk with Him through every task before us. When we serve like this, people will walk away talking about how good God is!

How We Serve

We serve God with our lives locally, regionally, and locally (Acts 1:8). In this way, God's good news about Jesus is known in every sphere of life.

Locally, we serve in a lot of ways which include family events, Thanksgiving baskets, and support for Bella Pregnancy Resource Center. Regionally, we serve with NPEA to plant churches in the Northern Plains region. Globally, we take mission trips to Haiti (in partnership with Christianville.)

Join us in sharing Christ and building believers! Email communications@northpointcc.net to get connected.

Serving @ north point

Serving is part of following Christ - everyone has their own God given abilities - we at North Point want you to serve where God has called you - below are a few ways you can serve at North Point

  • Youth group/kids point

    Children are important and thats why we have an active youth group that are continuously involved in different events throughout the year. Our kids point program is a Sunday service geared towards younger children during our 2nd service. If you enjoy teaching and leading children contact us about serving in our YG/KP Team.

  • Maintenance Team

    A team that is dedicated to Jesus and serving North Points facility needs. Not only is this team active in making sure the building is being maintained but also is there to help serve the Northern Hills Community as well. If you are handy in maintenance contact us about serving on our Maintenance team.

  • missions team

    We as North Point take Missions serious - we make sure to support not only overseas missions but also local & regional missions as well. If you like to brainstorm ideas to help support different missions contact us about serving on this team.