Our Staff

North Point's staff is committed to our core vision of sharing Christ and building believers. By Connecting with God, Serving Him with their lives, and Growing their families as followers of Christ, the North Point staff shepherds the flock God has entrusted to them (1 Peter 5:2).

  • Matt Branum

    As Lead Pastor of North Point my job is to share vision and strategize how to make God’s purpose for this church a reality. I love seeing people grow in their relationship with Christ, and helping them achieve their full potential as a child of God. Whether it is through preaching and teaching, being a part of a LifeGroup, or having coffee at the Blackbird, I thoroughly enjoy authentic conversation and building relationships.

    Becky and I moved to Spearfish in 2004 from Cincinnati, where I was on staff at a Christian university and she was a Registered Nurse at Children’s Hospital. For her it was like coming home (she grew up in Rapid City), for me it was a small adjustment (having grown up just north of the Twin Cities). We are blessed with a girl who loves music and dance, and a boy that loves baseball and camouflage. So I find myself at many concerts, recitals, and coaching baseball.

  • Kevin Moore

    I'm a learner of Jesus, husband to Amy, and Associate Pastor of North Point. Some of my greatest joys are quality conversation, fall weather, and a good cup of coffee (once in a while, I can make all three happen on the same day!).

    As North Point's Associate Pastor, I help people serve in our Sunday Celebrations, shepherd LifeGroup Leaders, and help our Communications Team develop digital and print media. What we do at North Point flows from who we are in Christ, so it's exciting to help people see God more clearly and respond to the Spirit.

    Amy and I live in the Black Hills where we enjoy camping, drinking coffee, having people in our home, and being active. Amy works as an office manager and loves art, healthy eating, and playing volleyball. We both love being part of the Church and want to see everyone walk with Jesus! We got married in 2014 and are expecting our first child in winter of 2018.

    If you'd ever like to grab coffee and chat, shoot me an email at: kevin@northpointcc.net.