About Us

North Point started, as most things do, with an idea. Imagine a church where people could be themselves—no pious pretenders, no false humility, no fake sincerity—just authentic people committed to sharing Christ and building believers through sincere relationships, engaging worship, and community involvement. 

In 2004, that idea became a reality as North Point began its quest to be that kind of a church. Our two founding pastors, Matt Branum and Ryan Charest, along with a handful of families in the area (and the help of our mothering church, First Christian Church in Rapid City) began the work of realizing the dream of North Point.

Since 2004, and in partnership with Northern Plains Evangelistic Association, North Point has been involved in helping plant other churches with a similar goal in Laramie ('07), Bismarck ('12), and Sheridan ('15).

The continuing story of North Point is the people that make up our church. It’s a story seen in the lives changed by Jesus Christ and lived out in a very real relationship with Him. There is room in that story for you!