Community Groups

We are not meant to do church alone. God states where 2 or 3 are gathered he will be there. Community groups are meant to be a place that is church away from the normal Sunday celebrations. There are main ones that take place regularly which are both the men and women bible studies. Be free to walk in and join one at any time. 

Men's Ministry

We at North Point believe that sometimes Men just need some time with other Men. A Time that can be spent studying the Bible but also growing relationships with other Men. The Men's ministries that are up and running right now are Men's breakfast which happens ever 3rd Saturday of the month at 7:30am @ the Toolbox. Another ministry is Men's Morning Coffee @ Goodrich Motors which is on Tuesday Mornings @ 7am. 

Women's Ministry

Being a woman in today's society can be hard and should not be done alone. Come find your spot in one of a few choices of different ministries that are going on right now. There are two Women Bible studies that take place @ The Toolbox. Tuesday Night Women's Bible study starts @ 5:30pm, the Thursday Morning Women's Bible study starts @ 8:30am. Beyond just Bible studies there is a Women's breakfast that is every 2nd Saturday of the month that begins at 9am.