We Aren't Meant to Do Life Alone

Be part of a group of people who will encourage you in your relationship with God.

Growing as followers of Jesus means doing the "DNA" process together: 

Discover what God is saying in His word (study the Bible)

Nurture our Christian walk (build up our faith in everyday life)

Act on what we learn together (hold each other accountable)


Find available groups here.

Content for Groups

Group FAQs

Check out the groups info card to learn the "what" and "why" of groups. Print copies are available in the Commons.

DNA Details

Access the DNA guide here to learn the "how" of groups. Use this to start strong together! Print copies are available in the Commons.

Weekly Questions

Click here to access DNA questions for Sunday's sermon.

Ongoing Study

Looking for a study to begin together? Check out "Growing In Christ Together" or "Good and Beautiful God." Both have clear expectations for each week and plenty of discussion questions to guide your conversation together.